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What is Loan Against Property ( LAP )?

Need Funds but don’t know how to go about that? It’s time to unlock the potential in your Property. Let your valuable Property work for you. Loan against Property, as the name itself suggests, is a loan given against the mortgage of a Property.

The loan is disbursed at a certain percentage of the market value of the property, usually around 60-70%. Loan against Property is the only loan that is cheaper than any other loan. Call us to facilitate Loan against your (Residential/Commercial/Industrial) Property to meet a variety of Personal and Business needs. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a loan against your property today.

Who is Eligible for availing Loan Agaist Property

  • * Self Employed Individual
  • * Salaried Individual
  • * Self Employed Professional
  • *Partnership & Pvt. Ltd. Co.

Which Properties are eligible for a loan against Property?

A loan against property can be availed against below mentioned Properties, be it self-occupied, rented or vacant. This may be constructed or even a plot of land.

  • * Loan against Property – Residential
  • * Loan against Property – Commercial
  • * Loan against Property – Industrial
  • * Loan for Purchase of Commercial Propert
  • * Take-over of existing loan (Balance Transfer)

Advantages of taking a Loan Against Property

  1. 1. Cheaper than Personal Loans: It works out to be much cheaper than a personal loans , which is usually provided at interest rates of 16 per cent-21 per cent.
  2. 2. Longer Loan Tenure: The tenure for a Loan Against Property is usually longer than that for a personal loan. Generally, LAP is given for a maximum tenure of 15 years.
  3. 3. Lower EMI: Since the rate of interest is lower, many times, LAP Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) turn out to be cheaper than those under personal loans.
  4. 4. Simple documentation and Fast Approvals: LAP being a secured Loan has comparatively faster approvals and minimal documentation.

For what purpose can a loan against property be availed?

  • * Business Expansion
  • * Child’s Higher Education
  • * Child’s Marriage
  • * Funding Vacation
  • * Funding Medical Treatments
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